In the contest of the #DEVChampion, I am very often challenged to define what I mean by “talented developer/good developer“.

This brings me to the critical question, “What are the key strengths of a developer?”  There’s already been a lot of discussion on the topic, so I’ll jump in and give what I think is paramount to being called a GOOD DEVELOPER:

  • He must be very curious, to learn new programming languages and explore new solutions;
  • He must have good technical skills, which of course are the basis for being a good ;
  • He must be reliable and have a work ethic that makes him respect his commitments especially in terms of deadlines;
  • It must be productive and provide concise, maintainable and understandable code;
  • He must be able to work in a team by collaborating fully with others. Helping other developers to improve should come naturally to him;
  • He or she must be cautious and be able to realistically assess the risk. To code or not to code? Reinventing the wheel puts unnecessary pressure on IT projects;
  • He must love to learn. Continuous learning is essential to find faster ways to get things done;
  • He must have a great ability to adapt, because the computer world is changing rapidly and as a developer, he must remain adaptable and always be on the lookout for new tools and new ways of doing things.
  • He must be able to communicate convincingly in writing and orally with his computer scientists peers but also with non-computer scientists; English being the language of developers; So, if you want to recruit good developers to boost your digitalization projects, it’s up to you to see what strong points are important to you, but be aware that they are more and more in demand and that they prefer to work on “cool” projects technologically…

Author BOYARM Aristide Aly

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