In the contest of the #DEVChampion, I am very often challenged to define what I mean by “talented developer/good developer“. This brings me to the critical question, “What are the key strengths of a developer?”  There’s already been a lot of discussion on the topic, so I’ll jump in and give what I think is […]

How to win a code contest

You want to win a coding contest. You’re probably doing it because you love coding or you want to get noticed by a recruiter. Here are the steps. Step 1: Choose a language of your choice (C ++ , JAVA or PYTHON is recommended for beginners) and master the basic syntax. Step 2: After learning […]

How to win in ethical hacking contest

In the world of Ethical Hacking contests, Capture The Flag (CTF) describes a contest where participants take on challenges (network, software, cryptography, etc.) to capture digital flags. Not only does winning this type of contest mean winning prizes and recognition for your skills, but it is also a great way to learn from others. To […]