You want to win a coding contest. You’re probably doing it because you love coding or you want to get noticed by a recruiter. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Choose a language of your choice (C ++ , JAVA or PYTHON is recommended for beginners) and master the basic syntax.

Step 2: After learning the basics, focus on data structures and algorithms. There are many courses available everywhere. GeeksforGeeks itself is a very good platform to learn.

Step 3: Ask questions on GeeksforGeeks Practice, Hackerrank or another similar coding platform such as Codechef, Hackerearth, LeetCode.

Step 4: Participate in various coding challenges and contests and practice, practice and practice.

Do not look at the solution after the first attempt. Try several times. After many failures, keep the problem aside and try again after a few days, if you still can’t do it, look at the solution. This increases your ability to solve complex problems, which of course helps you in contests. No matter how many times you fail, remember to always analyze the reason and figure out how to do better next time. And finally, practice and practice again. If you want to become a good developer, after learning the basics, you should start contributing to open source organizations. This will increase your real-world problem-solving ability. If you are still a student, participate in GSOC (Google Summer of Code) and BOSS (Bountiful Open Source Software)

Author Salah HAMIDA

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