Recruiting IT talent

At a time when finding the right IT talent is like looking for a needle in a haystack, DEVCHAMPION contests, which are based on challenges invented by the best specialists, make it possible to quickly and accurately determine the technical skills of participants. If you are looking for talent in programming and cybersecurity, send us your request.


Step 1: Submit an application

Use the form below to describe your request and specify the job title, expected skills and compensation for the position. We will send you a quote for the service.

Step 2: Profiling

Our algorithm will determine the best profile that matches your request taking into account your requirements and the results obtained by candidates for technical knowledge and problem-solving skills assessments.

Step 3: Connecting people

We conduct interviews with the selected candidates before putting you in touch with them so that you can make your choice. If a candidate is selected, we facilitate the contractualization between the parties.

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